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Every professional needs a professional portrait for:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Company Website

  • Marketing Materials

With the Headshot Studio, GCS offers a unique sponsorship opportunity with unmatched ROI.

What's Included

What's Required

Professional Headshots
  • top-of-the-line studio equipment
  • experienced portrait photographer
  • high-resolution digital image sent immediately to attendee via email
  • customer service availability for misplaced emails
  • estimated 20-30 subjects per hour
Optional Add-Ons
  • makeup artist to have them looking and feeling confident 
  • photographer's assistant for greater volume
  • instant 4x6 prints
  • retouching
Networking Opportunities
  • multiple face-to-face touchpoint opportunities within the Studio for connecting directly with clientele
  • Sponsor logo on the best giveaway product on the show floor
  • place the studio adjacent to Sponsor's booth for increased traffic
Branding Opportunities
  • 2 promotional banner backgrounds 
  • (2) 12" x 18" signs on each banner background, customized with Sponsor logo
Optional Branding
  • customized email text
  • customized HTML email message
  • customized prints with company logo
  • studio staff can wear sponsor attire
  • 8"long x 15"wide area per station
  • space for a queue
  • standard 15 amp circuit
  • one highboy cocktail table per station
Makeup Station
  • 10"long x 8"wide per 2 makeup artists
  • standard 15 amp circuit
  • one highboy cocktail table per artist
  • 20 subjects per hour per artist
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